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The AuthorStand mission is to give a platform to every author, on which to showcase work, exchange ideas and share in the process of becoming the best author he/she can be. Toward that goal, we offer these educational articles. If you have something to add to any of them please post a comment at the bottom of that article's page!

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Connect with other authors who are going through the same trials and tribulations as you. Share ideas, find solutions, make announcements or post whatever you think will help the creative process... Like we said though, it's NEW so start a topic and get the conversation going!

Recommended Reading for Aspiring Authors

These are some titles that our staff love and/or refer to regularly. We'll be adding many more as we go, so if you know of any greats book about writing that should be on the list let us know and we'll check them out!


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Each Month the AuthorStand Editorial Staff offers their opinion on one of the titles on the site. Check them out, see what we think of the story, then read it for yourself and post your own review!


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Here you will find easy to follow tutorials showing how to use some of the great features on the AuthorStand website! Learn to post or edit a story, send a message to a fellow member, update your profile and more!