AuthorStand — Very Short Story Contest #2 — Winners!

$50 Editor's Choice Winner

While You Wait
by Jacob Shepard

This is super short story concerning death and the defiance of a violent nature in which a murderer chooses to defy his blood lust in a desperate want to do some form of good to those he so gruesomely wronged.

$50 First Prize Winner

by Adam Jarvis

Anzhela waits in a city square of war torn Russia, but what is she waiting for?

Honorable Mentions

Death Bed by Bill Rayburn

Final Moments by G.P. Burdon

Flash Fire by R.A. Savary

Her Bonnie Scotland by Melody Guthrie

The Industry by Roya Backlund

Innocence by Bill Rayburn

A Likely Story by Margaret Pennington

Revenge by Gail Kavanagh

The Road by SEAN CAVAN

SEAHORSE by Dean Kutzler

Still by Claire Weber

Congratulations to all the winners!

Judging Period: Ended May 24th, 2012
Prizes: First Prize = $50, Editor's Choice = $50, Plus Honorable Mentions

Judging is open to all AuthorStand Members, as user ratings are a part of the judging criteria. Sign up for your FREE AuthorStand Member account, all titles are FREE, simply click the Download button — NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED! After you've read them, rate them on their product pages and help us choose the winners!

Final List of Entries for Very Short Story Contest #2

Remembering Miss Jane
Someone To Watch Over Me
The Tranquilizers
Yesterday's Corn
The Other Place
Guns Of Sorrow
Bob's Wife
The Lion, The Girl and The Woodsman
The Waiting Room
You Have A Choice
Hello, Love
A Deal with a Demon (Part 1)
Three Little Princesses
Endings Lead to Beginnings
An Old Man's Tale
Why There is Sunshine in Winter
Mr. Therefore
Worried About Mary
An Unexpected Answer
The Loss of a Web. AND A Legend of Ghana
That Yellow House
Suzie's Secret
Cirque De Queer.
The Last Hunt
A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
What Have You Done to Your Clothes?
The Legend of the Giant Donut
The Time I Almost Drowned (Sorta)
Exciting Adventures Of Trixie The Pesky Mouse
The Red Balloon
Machinations Of A Maniac
The Mourning Window
A Place To Call Home
Lesson Learned
The Orientation
His suggetion
Feeling Crushed
Dandelion Field
The Importance Of A Process
The Industry
The Dragons of Avordshire
Now's the time
The Call
Third Last Chance
A Liar's Lesson Learned
Moon Blood
I Went To See Big "J" Take "One" For
When I Moved To Florida
Cassandra's Path
Don't Be Bullied
Stormy Sailing
war is never fun
A Rocky Ride in the Ocean
Daddy: The 9/11 Story
Dead Father, Dead Son
My Story
Fafluhte And The Magical Waffle
My Name Is Anonymous
Not All Adoptive Parents Have Two Legs
Dying for You to Love Me
Cinderella the saint......
Innocent shoes......
The First Twenty Four Hours
Nikki's Friend Busy Bee
Break of Day
The Plan
Who Am I? Where Am I?
The Superior
After Midnight
Senior Discount
The Trip
Wednesday Reality
Safety Orange
Life With Poppy
Chuck Norris "Facts"
Why Americans should pay more for fuel
Paths of life
The Quiet Life
Beneath the Bridge. An alteration of 'One Day and a Cabin.'
The Cost of Courage. An alteration of 'One Day and a Cabin.'
Decisions on the Deck. An excerpt from 'One Day and a Cabin.'
Every Prayer Will Enter. An alteration of 'One Day and a Cabin.'
Star Trek Parody - The Trouble with
Squeagee Gets It Right
In Rehab's Waiting Room
Mirror Image
Helen's Downfall
911 Emergency
The Yett
The Coat
Sincerely, me
Empty Sidewalk
Follow Me Into The Dark
Just Breathe
Blue Mind
Sepia Colored Movie
Seven Days
The Mr. Kitten Murder Mystery
Titles are Irrelevant
To Haz or not To Haz
Angel's Garden
The Perfect Miss
The DeValeras
The Birthday Affair
Holding History
Cracks in the Sidewalk
The Package
Dance Night
The Devil Inside Me
Final Moments
Capacity of Kindness
Sound of Success
A Person Who Has Made A Difference
Monster Number Two
The Difference
Happiness Has No Price
There Should Have Been Flowers
The End Of Hope
Hooray For Hulk Hogan
My Life In Year 2040
Top Secret
Typical Kid
Serving Life on the Inside
Annoying Aunt Allie
Bad Luck
Celestial Blues
Demon Possession vs. Mental Illness
The Money Jar
The Secret of the Stack Pie
Blown Away
A Dog Named Jesus
Accidents Happen
Adventures In Retirement
An Investigation Of Worth
Banana Bubblegum
Bon Appetite
A Vow of Silence
Four Summers
Loved One Lost
Lost Love
One Strange Day
The Stalker
The Life Changing Nightmare
Cost Of Life
Old Soldier
Something Within Our Minds
When Tough Times Strick
Welcome To The Neighborhood
Love's Not a Game
The Storm
John Le Carre and Me
I'll Always Love You
I Refuse To Sink
The Bag Lady
The Styptic Pencil
The Fostered Kittens
The Unforgiving Minute
Super Bowl
Determined Spirit
Saturday Afternoon
Silent Rain
Jimmy Goes Fishing
The Ironic Maze
I Remember
Heart Of A Killer
A Final Journey
Conversations With God
Darkest Hours At Arbor House
Death Comes
The Truth According to Mary Paul
Kitten's In The Barn
A Penny On The Sidewalk
Suicidal Screams
The Fairytale AA Society
Safety In The Time Of Storm
Rescue Is Possible: The Treatment of
Longing For Love
While you wait
The Legend Of Penelope Bunyan
A Good Boy
Momma's House
The Bargain
Dancing In The Garden
Two Irish Boys Die In Pennsylvania
Ten Nelson
Four Of Us
Sweet Dilemma
Are We Proud To Be Black?
I Had A Life
Roots of a Tree
In Life
The Chair
Palasaides The Vampire
One Lonely Night Or Not
Disturbance Up The Hill
My Spouse And I Had A Cardiovascular
An Imperfect Love Story By: Cinderella
Plastic House
Natchez 1861
Letting My Mind Wander
A Magical World Turned Into A Gray World
The Haunted House
A Likely Story
Pony Blues
My Knight In Shining Armor
Jobley Chokle
Nature's Fury.
Almost Dead
Dreaming Of Reality
The Cat Burglar
Elvis The Mississippi Storm Drain Cat
The Striped Cat
Strangers In The Night
The Welcoming
No Explanation
Horse History
Certain UnCertainty
The Creature
Reflections: Ten Years After
Don't Count Your Chickens Before They
The Piano
The Cycle
Then One Man Wept
Life Truth
Deserves Pain
Echoes of 'Mijn Schat'
Three Little Words
All Hollow's Eve
Doubts And Dishes
The Lonely Sidewalk
The Legend of Avalanche Mountain
Safe And Sound
Hard Times
Darkest Hour
The Dandelion Dilemma
The Stories Of Green Monkey-Baby Gets
Empty Room
Three Men At A Bar
Cat & Leprechaun
Glimpse into Hell
I Am Not The Inferior Species
Crash Landing
The Day The White Mosaic Chinchilla Went Through The Debt Ceiling
Downy Midnight And The Jean Killers
The Case Is The Property Of The Noun Or
Poem For Charlene
Control the Uncontrollable
Red: Bruises For Butterflies Introduction
A Dream
The Adventures of Chris Mouse
Independence Day
The Rumbling
A Strange Day in July
The House
Please Enjoy Yourself
My First Home Run
Smel And Zza Zza
Hare's Problem
The Question
On Hold
Just A Bum
Flash Fire
The Choice
The Crash
The Long Stretch
One Day Can Change Your Life Forever
Sacrifice Life
Feel Alive
Erica's Revenge
Blackest Night
Wasted Life
What Happened To Tina
Cat's Conscience
All In A Days Work
The Gender Gap
chapter one: meeting a psycho cat.
Wintertime Adventures
Sudden Storm
The Last Walk Through
40 Minutes
I'll Be Damned
A Girl's Best Friend
The Bedroom
Fruits Of Faith
Shadows Of The Storm
In The Heat Of The Day
Tug Of War
The Woods
Her Bonnie Scotland
Chapter two: Guns at the mall
To Space
Two Men
A Really Bad Day
Why Are You Following Me?
Ivory and Ecru
Winter Storm
Please, Come Home
Tangled Morals
The Promise
A Bona Fide Audience
Wind II
Grandpa Never Hugs Me
Like A Dream
chapter three: Lions, and crimes, and cats.
Silent Words
The Road
The Old Timer Speaks Up
Lapping Everyone On The Couch
Love Never Fading
The Seperation
Dumpster Diving
A Demon's Point of View
The Psychiatric Ward
Ghastly Glimpse of the Future
A Life Unlived
Death Bed
Shank Beach
The Cooler
Watchin' Scotty Grow
Birthday Party
One Epidemic
On the Wings of a Dove
The Desk
The Trench: A WWII Story
Twelve Stair Journey
The Dark Dairy
Blood, Sand and Ashes
She Didn't Do Anything Wrong
The Feat of Chester C. Cluckington – A Female
Remember the Time
VISITING MARY (illustrated)

Format: Very Short Story (100 to 1,500 words max)

Entry Period Ended March 31, 2012

Honorable Mentions Awarded: Up to 5% of Entries
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