AuthorStand FREE Writing Contest — Short Stories #11

Editor's Choice winner receives $250!
First Prize winner receives $100!

Entry Fee: FREE!
Genre: Fiction
Format: Short Story (1,500 to 10,000 words max)
If your story is shorter than 1,500 words check out our Very Short Story Contest!
The entry deadline for this contest has passed. It was February 13th, 2013.
Honorable Mentions Awarded: Up to 5% of Entries
You are welcome to enter as many titles as you would like!

Here's how the writing contest works...

There is no fee to enter the contests, you simply need to sign up for a Free AuthorStand account, then list the work you'd like to enter on AuthorStand writing contests are judged, in part, by AuthorStand member readers, so during the time that the writing contest is being judged the work must be listed on with a price of $0.00. Once the judging is over you may change the sale price to whatever amount you wish.

There are 2 easy ways to list your work on AuthorStand:

Option #1 — Fill out the form below and include a copy of your work (PDF, Word Document or Text file are preferred formats, although almost any file type is accepted) and a brief description. An AuthorStand representative will create the listing for your title. You will receive a confirmation email which will let you know when your title is listed and allow you to make changes/updates to your listings as necessary.

Option #2 — If you prefer to create your listing yourself, you can do so easily. Simply sign up for a FREE AuthorStand membership and you will automatically be taken to the "Your Listings" tab. At the bottom of that page click on the "Add a Book" button and follow the steps in the window that opens. For option #2 you will need a copy of your work in PDF format, and be sure to check the "Enter in Writing Contest" box while creating your listing!  



Determining the Winners

The online judging period is set to end April 17, 2013 but may be extended depending on entry volume.

The First Prize Winner is determined in the following way:

In an effort to encourage more participation by members in the judging process we are making a change to the rules of the contest.

Due to the large number of entries we are receiving, members are having a difficulty getting through the entire set in the time set forth for judging. For this reason we will now be splitting the contest into two rounds.

Round 1

Our AuthorStand Judges will read all of the entries submitted and choose approximately 20 to 25 entries to make the final round. During this round the judges may take into consideration what scores are being given online and use those to bump titles into the final round as well.

Final Round

The entries chosen to make the final round will be posted on the contest judging page. The First Prize Winner and Honorable mentions will come from this pool of entries.

The First Prize winner will be the the story that has been put through to round 2 and has 15 or more ratings or reviews and the highest overall rating. This round of online judging will be open to all members and will last for 14 days.

All others listed as final round picks will be awarded Honorable Mention status.

The Editor's Choice winner will not be posted as a final round entry, but will be announced after the online judging period is over, along with the First Prize and Honorable Mentions.

When you win, you'll be awarded the prize specified for that particular contest (item or a check will be mailed to the "payout address" listed in your account within 14 days of the end of the contest), and your story will be promoted on and possibly even in some of our advertising campaigns.

Note: All ratings and reviews are averaged to compile the average rating. Only ratings that occur during the contest (from call for entries until the judging period ends) will be counted. Any ties in final score will go to the work with the highest judges score, then if tied on judges score it will go to the work with the most ratings/reviews.


The "Editor's Choice" is chosen by consensus of the AuthorStand Editorial Staff alone, with no other criteria considered.


Honorable Mentions will be awarded by the sole discretion of the AuthorStand editorial staff. While there is no cash prize for an Honorable Mention, these works will be promoted on along with the other winners.

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For any questions on entering the contest or the judging process, please email us at

By entering the contest you agree to all terms. This contest is void where prohibited.