2nd Annual Novel Contest — The Winners


The AuthorStand 2nd Annual Novel Contest started January 1, 2012. We received hundreds of qualifying entries and our judges went to work. We read sci-fi, fantasy, crime, horror, humor & more. The goal was to find the one novel that could be crowned Editor's Choice.  Round after round we narrowed the field. Many difficult decisions were made. At the same time, members of the AuthorStand community went to work themselves, rating and reviewing the entries online to help choose the First Prize winner.

Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to the winners! Also, a special thanks to all of the readers who helped judge!


$1000 Editor's Choice! (Highest AuthorStand Judges' Score)

Train to Nowhere by gloria piper

Across the wild mountains the silver train floats, carrying within its plastic walls the world of Orphans.  Its destination?  Nowhere.  The illegally-born must live out their lives inside this computerized train.  Admin wills it so.  But Garland, an Orphan musician, seeks a different destination, called freedom.  To realize it he struggles against Admin’s mind control and those affected by it.  His only escape seems to lie with a mysterious woman and the strange spirit that leads her.  Problem is, he can’t figure out how to use it.

Read our Q&A with winning author Gloria Piper!


$500 First Prize! (Highest Overall Score, Bonus Points for User Ratings Included)

Crystallized: Book One of the Crystal Chronicles by Lisa Taylor

In a society where faery-tales are banned and magic is punishable by death, fifteen-year-old Rachael's only talent is to break the rules without being hanged for heresy. But when a powerful crystal pendant falls out of her dreams and into her hands, echoed by a desperate plea for help, even she may be in over her head.

$100 Genre Prize for Adventure

The Nectar of Angels (The Arrowsmith Saga, Part One) by Dane St. John

In the chaos of 14th-century England and France, wine is the nectar of angels—a valuable commodity buttressing kingdoms and vaulting vast fortunes. A mysterious old archer named David Arrowsmith recounts his tale to an eager French chronicler, Jean Créton, when the latter learns...

$100 Genre Prize for Thriller

DELTA HEDGE by Joshua Dickson

A young banking analyst named Jerry McCoy must drop his workpapers and run for his life. McCoy's crime: discovering the secret technology one hedge fund employs to see data from five minutes into the future. His hunters:  a major investment bank, international...

$100 Genre Prize for Historical Fiction

Lehua-Ka'ao a Ka Wahine (The Story Of A Woman) by Gene J. Parola

In the spring of 1819 King Ka me ha me ha I died after reigning over the first unified Kingdom of Hawai’i. His young son, Li ho li ho,   became Kamehameha II, but effective control of the government was inherited by the old king’s favorite wife, Ku hina Nui [Queen  Regent], Ka’a hu ma nu. That fall, Liholiho was forced to agree to the abandonment of the native religion...

$100 Genre Prize for Religious Fiction

Healing Love (Cottonwood Series Book 1) by Sophie Dawson

Cottonwood, Iowa 1875 Lydia Walcott is on the run. With a broken arm and wounded spirit she is escaping the hands of her cruel brother and the marriage he has arranged. She's running to the unknown, praying God will lead her steps. Seeking shelter from an ice storm in a livery stall, Lydia goes...

$100 Genre Prize for Drama

Back to Back by Kenneth C Birch

Fair or unfair makes no difference. This is the story of five children born into a life of poverty and abuse. Their world falls apart around them and they are helpless to stop it...


Honorable Mentions (Chosen by AuthorStand Judges)

Sword Of The Covenant by Mark Andrews

The Venom of Serpents (The Arrowsmith Saga, Part Two) by Dane St. John

The Legend of Malachi: The Sorcerer's Tournament by Daniel Berry

The Mission by Kay McElroy

Little by Hickory Cole

Red Earth by Richard Scroggins


Congratulations again to all of the winners!

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