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Using AuthorStand Messaging

AuthorStand allows you to send private messages to other members of the site! Here is how it works:

Sending a Message

Anywhere that you see an author's name on the site it will appear as a link. For example, see the red arrow below:

Red arrow pointing at the link.

Clicking on this link takes you to the author's profile page, where you will find the "Send Message" button directly below the
author's photo.

Clicking on the "Send Message" button will bring up a screen where you will be able to type a message directly to that author.


To Receive Messages

If another AuthorStand member sends you a message you will receive a notification by email. The email will have a link to where
you can receive the message. In addition, if you are logged in to your AuthorStand account, you will see a link to your inbox at the
top of every page (Red Arrow #2 in the image below) letting you know if you have any new messages. You can access your
messages by clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of the page (Red Arrow #1), then clicking on the "Your Messages" tab
(Red Arrow #3). You'll see any messages that you have in a list (Red Arrow #4). Read the message by clicking on the link in the
subject line!


Messaging Guidelines

No SPAM or Advertising
AuthorStand messaging is only to be used to send personal messages from one individual member to another. If you receive a message from another member that appears to be a bulk message or is attempting to sell you a product or service, please let us know.

Keep Comments Constructive
When sending a private message to another member, if you are sending comments or advice on a piece they have posted, keep the comments constructive. Let them know what about the piece was good as well as where they could improve. Avoid using inflammatory language.

We do not read or screen the content of your private messages. Messages you send will only be viewed by you and the recipient of your choice.


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