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How to Post a Review

First, go to the product page for the title you would like to review. Next, scroll down below the description and click on the button marked "Write a Review." (See red arrow #1 below.)

Red arrow pointing at the link.

Clicking on this link takes you to a form where you can enter the review you would like to have posted. You'll need to choose a title for your review (#2), write your review (#3), choose a rating from 1 to 5 (#4) and then click the "Review" button. (#5)

Clicking on the "Review" button will reload the page and bring up a message letting you know that the review has been received and will be posted once it is reviewed by AuthorStand staff. We only monitor the reviews to make sure they are on topic and appropriate for the site. (Arrow #6 Below.)


Review Guidelines

No SPAM or Advertising
The review mechanism is for posting a review of the piece in question only. Mentioning other titles on the site is ok, but that should not be the sole purpose of a review. Do not post links to other sites in this area. If you would like to let the community know about other resources they may find helpful, please do so in the forum.

Keep Comments Constructive
When posting comments or advice on the piece, keep the comments constructive. Let them know what about the piece was good as well as where they could improve. Avoid using inflammatory language.


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