Listing Your Work on AuthorStand

Step #1 in posting your work on is becoming an AuthorStand member. If you haven't already, please sign up for your FREE Author account here!

If you've already signed up and are logged in to your account, here are the steps to post your work!

Click on the "My Account" (1) link at the top of any page, then find and click the "Your Listings" tab (2). Once there, click the "Add A Book" (3) button toward the bottom of the page.

Clicking the "Add A Book" button will bring up the window you see below. Enter the title of the book, a description of the plot of the story, the word count and then click the "Browse" button (1) to select the file containing your work. Note: Your file will need to be in PDF format in order to proceed. If you need help converting your .doc, .docx .txt, .odt, .rtf or .wps file to PDF we recommend using, although we are not affiliated with them in any way.

Once you have entered the data about your book and uploaded your PDF file, click the "SAVE" button (2) at the bottom right corner of the box.

Clicking "Save" will bring you to the second step, choosing the genre(s) into which your book fits. Select as many as you feel apply, then scroll down and click the "Save" button at the bottom right.

Now you will be at the third and final step, choosing a cover image for your book. Click the "Browse" (1) button and choose an image from your computer to represent your book on the site. Note: Cover images must be in .jpg, .png or .gif format. Once you have selected the file, be sure to click the "Upload" (2) button before clicking "Save." If you do not have a cover image simply click "Save" to skip this step.

Once you've completed all 3 steps you will be taken back to the "Your Listings" tab and you will see your new story listed! (1) Repeat the steps above to add another title, or you can edit, update or even remove titles by clicking the "Click Here to Edit" (2) link at the right side of the page.