Below are the frequently asked questions for the switch over from AuthorStand to Book Country! If you have a question not in the list below feel free to email us.

Why is AuthorStand going away?

AuthorStand and Book Country are both incredible writing communities who share a commitment to supporting writers as they create their best writing. We wanted to find a way to work together to benefit the membership of both communities. As we started talking, we realized that the strongest approach would be to recommend AuthorStand members join the Book Country community.


What do I need to do?

Set up your membership at Book Country. (It’s easy and free.) Click here and fill out your profile. Then, upload your titles, and you’re on your way.


When is the deadline to switch over?

AuthorStand will be going away on May 27, 2014, so make sure to sign up for Book Country today and start moving your titles over. They're system is very easy to use and doesn't require you to make any specific types of files to post your work!

Will there be future contests?

Yes, we’re working together to create fun and meaningful contests.

Book Country is currently running a contest to help writers crystalize their book’s description. Entering is a great way to start getting involved in the Book Country community and there’s a big prize – a $249 publishing package to help you get your book into the world.


How will I be paid any commission I am owed?

Any commission owed for sales on AuthorStand.com will be paid by AuthorStand, via PayPal to the email address for that account no later than April 14th, 2014.


What is Book Country?
Book Country is one of the most supportive writing and publishing communities on the web. At Book Country, writers can find and connect to writers just like them, workshop their manuscripts, learn about the craft of writing and the business of publishing, and build their first audience as they prepare to publish their books.

Writers interested in traditional publishing have found that Book Country is a great place to get discovered as they polish their manuscripts. Writers interested in self-publishing appreciate they can publish their finished manuscripts through Book Country with the click of a button and distribute their eBooks to all major retailers

Book Country is based in New York City and led by Penguin employees.

Writers have choices. The Book Country team believes that the support of a community helps writers make the best decisions for their books.


What can I find on Book Country?

Connections: The Book Country team believes that the support of a community is an essential element in the writing and publishing process. At Book Country, you can connect with writers who are just like you. You can build your first audience and create a network of supportive people who want you to succeed. When you connect with another Book Country member, you can send private messages to further your conversation.

Genre Map: Book Country created the Genre Map to help writers visualize the different literary categories commonly sold in bookstores. Clicking into the category that interests you will give you a description of that category, any sub categories (for example: Contemporary Romance writers will find their subgenre under Romance), the category's must-read books, books in that category by other Book Country writers, and discussions about that category.

Peer Review: You can post your manuscript in the Peer Review community in order to gain valuable feedback from other writers. Because Book Country believes in the importance of community, you must share feedback with another member before you can receive feedback on your own work. Peer Review is a great way to build your first audience.

Forum Discussions: Start discussions with readers, writers, and published authors from around the world. You can share ideas, learn about the publishing industry, and learn more about your genre.

Publish: If you’re interested in self-publishing, Book Country makes it easy for you to move your polished manuscript from Peer Review into the Publish section where you can publish once and distribute everywhere with the click of a button. Every book is different and Book Country includes a variety of packages and services, including a free option, to best meet your needs as you put your book on the map.

Does it cost money to use Book Country?

No. Joining Book Country is absolutely free. Book Country believes in the importance of connecting writers to each other so they can create their best books.

If you publish an eBook with Book Country, there is a free DIY package as well as optional paid services.


Do I have to be a writer to be on Book Country?

No. The heart of Book Country is to create a supportive writing and publishing community. Whether you're a writer, a publishing professional, or a reader interested in helping writers, you're welcome at Book Country. You can join Book Country just to read and review other members' manuscripts.

How old do I have to be a Book Country member?

You must be at least 16 years old to join the Book Country community.


If I upload a book who owns the rights?

You do. You retain all rights in your content, including the copyright; posting your content on Book Country does not change your ownership rights. Here's the full explanation in Book Country’s Terms of Use.

What literary categories are available for workshop and critique?
Book Country has over 60 categories including Literary Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, YA & Middle Grade, Romance, Mystery, Non-Fiction and many others!

Not every category on AuthorStand is matched to Book Country exactly. We do think there are some matches that work easily. For example, action & adventure titles would fit nicely in thriller, war & military fiction. If you have questions about what genre your book best fits in, contact support@bookcountry.com.

Will Penguin editors read my book?

No. Penguin editors and other staff members may choose to participate in the community (just as staff members from any publishing house or literary agency could participate), Book Country is not a channel for the submission of unsolicited manuscripts to Penguin editors.


I don’t have experience giving reviews. Can I still participate?

Definitely!  Book Country is a community and that means we help each other. Even if you’re not an experienced reviewer, keep this in mind: you are a voracious reader in a certain literary category. A writer who wants to be successful in that category will find your insight immensely valuable. Think of reviews as thoughtful comments.

Spend some time reading reviews posted by other members first so you can get a feel for the kind of feedback that is most helpful to writers. You can also find helpful tips for peer reviews in the Book Country discussion forums.

 Here are some tips:

- Apply the golden rule to writing reviews: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Provide the level of detail and use the tone of voice you hope to receive from others.

- Be as specific about your feedback as you can. Refer to scenes, passages, and sentences from the book; make it easy for the writer to understand and act upon your comments and criticisms. These are all works in progress: writers are here to hone their craft, so they want real feedback to make real progress. Find the balance between constructive and honest.

- Breathe. Remember, a peer review is just that: honest feedback from another fellow writer.


How do I write a peer review of a manuscript I am reading?  

Find a manuscript that you want to share feedback and then click the Read & Review button. Once you are in the online reader, there is a peer review section to the right of the manuscript you are reading. Simply fill in the text boxes, provide a star rating, and submit your review. Watch this video, Writing Peer Reviews, for a step-by-step guide on how to write and post reviews.


What do the ratings mean?

Book Country uses ratings to help writers understand how much work is needed on their book and how ready the manuscript is for publication. Think of the ratings on a scale of rough draft to final draft. One nib means that the manuscript needs a lot of improvement and five nibs means that the book is polished and ready for publication.

Here’s how we think about the nib ratings:

5 nibs — piece is publication-ready
4 nibs — piece needs some editing and minor revisions
3 nibs — piece needs significant revision, perhaps another draft
2 nibs — piece needs several more drafts and maybe some reconceptualization
1 nib  — piece needs significant redrafting as well as reconceptualization

Everything on Book Country is a “Work In Progress” and every book, even ones by bestselling authors, has room for improvement. That’s why we’re sharing in the first place!


Why must I share feedback before I can post my manuscript?

Book Country is a writing and publishing community who believes in the importance of helping others to succeed. That’s why Book Country asks you to read and review at least one other person’s manuscript before posting your own.

Many Book Country members share that they learned a lot about what their book needed from reading and reviewing the work of fellow writers.